Monday, January 21, 2013


I am proud to join Tuesday Tales -- a group of writers who write to a word prompt every week.  Our stories are either from a work in progress or original tales, and best of all they are FREE!  Happy Reading. --mcf

George Stuart pulled the legs apart and arranged them against the white fabric. The red blood provided a good focal point, which he liked. He stepped back and looked at his creation – stoic, still, lifeless.

He walked down the stairs to the edge of the sidewalk and turned to look at his new home.

Ghosts in the windows, check.

Giant spider web on porch, check.

Vampire bats, pumpkins, Frankenstein monster, check, check, check.

George smiled with satisfaction. It was his first Halloween in his Victorian home and he was finally opened for business.

Yes, the whole street was full of bed and breakfasts but George was not daunted. He knew it was a risk, but the market was down, his job downsized and this house was all he had left. It was this or a job at Mickey Dee’s. But the Jersey Shore had always been popular with out-of-towners in good times and bad, and it retained its popularity thanks to Snooki and her posse. George was counting on the Shore’s continuing attractiveness, now more than ever.

Just as he stepped toward the house, a cab pulled up in front, and four women stepped out of its multiple doors – a tall blonde with straight hair, a brunette with short hair and a quick smile, a buxom beauty with dark skin and wild curls, and a short exotic beauty in gothic black.

“This is it,” said the tall blonde, as the cab driver unloaded suitcases from the back.

“I love it,” cried the exotic beauty, clasping her hands against her chest.

“You love everything,” said the dark skin lovely with familiarity.

“Do you think there are enough ghosts?” asked the cute brunette, as she scanned the face of the house.

“There can never be enough ghosts in a haunted mansion,” answered George, as he walked up to greet his first clients – romance writers on retreat. ♥

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