Wednesday, February 20, 2013


February is the one month of the year that is full of love and romance. It’s a virtual Romance Writer’s Paradise.

Inspiration is everywhere! The young man getting his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm; the wife  shopping for seductive underwear; the husband ordering flowers at the last minute; the elderly couple strolling in the park holding hands. There are couples riding in horse-drawn carriages, ice skating at Wolman Rink, dining at intimate restaurants, dancing until dawn. There are the marriage proposals, flashy diamond rings, big announcements.

Use all your senses! Pay attention to the sweetness of a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, the bubbles in a flute of champagne, the aroma of a dozen red roses, the shiny eyes of seduction, and the soft sounds of love songs playing in the background.

We’re writers. Our imaginations are fertile and sometimes contrary. Think break-up – the yelling, the accusations, the heart break, the ice cream induced comas, the he-done-me-wrong songs, the bottom of liquor bottles, the crying binges, the hangovers. Love it!

See? Inspiration is everywhere. But even as you draw inspiration from the world around you, do remember to show some love to your significant other, family, and friends (cards not texts; face-to-face not Skype).

I can feel the love already. I’m giddy with it, and with inspiration and camaraderie. I am ready to write! Are you? --mcf

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