Thursday, January 9, 2014


For some strange reason, I have begun collecting quotes and sayings found around the streets on the sides of buses or ads on subway trains. The latest addition to my collection is from a Ketel One ad:

Exceptional Things Come
When Passion Comes First

That rang so true to me. I had to take a picture and make it my new opening backdrop.

It’s a New Year. Time for a new beginning. Time to start a new book, where "exceptional things (will) come." Why? Because "passion comes first."

Passion comes first for all writers. More than the fame and fortune --stop laughing! -- we writers are enamored of words, of settings, of characters. We can look at a picture and imagine a life. We can hear a word or a sentence and imagine the whole scene and its aftermath.

What marvelous powers we have! We can create worlds in numerous ages and times and colors. So as you start your New Year, maybe start a new novel, let’s all remember these five tips:

1) Write what you know

2) You can’t edit a blank page

3) Every word counts

4) Just do it

5) Passion comes first.

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings! ---mcf

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