Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Writing is a business.
Today, the publishing world is going social and digital, and writers need to do the same.  Editors are looking a writer’s social numbers – that’s the number of people who follow your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Publicity and marketing is up to the author, and a cheap way to do both is through a blog.
1)      Name recognition, also known as brand recognition.  YOU are the brand.   New writers –just as much as published writers -- need to make connections with readers, booksellers, book reviewers, editors, agents, et al.  
2)      Build an audience.  Family and friends help, but writers need a wider, far-reaching readership.  It takes time to find readers, and the sooner a writer starts the better.  This is especially true for unpublished writers.  Get your name out there now.
3)      Promotion.  Your blog is one of the few places where you can self-promote again and again without being obnoxious.   Post a countdown to your publication date.  Have the links to all the places your book is available for sale, et al.

Happy Blogging!

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