Saturday, February 14, 2015


It’s Valentine’s Day.
            Forget the chocolate and the flowers, instead, let’s Tango.
            The Tango started in Argentina and has conquered the world.  In Puerto Rico, we have boleros.  Slow dancing.  Partners come together; circle each other, while passion hovers around them.  Boleros are like a prelude.
            The Tango is action.  It’s both sensual and sexual.  It’s both ethereal and carnal.
            The Tango screams desire, passion. 
It screams SEX.
            The dancers come together in an open embrace.  The female’s hands are draped over the male’s shoulders.  His hands at her back to guide her, to establish the rhythm. 
He advances, she retreats.
            The footwork is fast and calculated.  The dancers invade each other’s space.
            Legs entangled. 
Hands caress.
There’s heat, friction, intensity, possession, and at last, surrender.
            Like love, the Tango captivates and mesmerizes both dancers and lovers.

Here are some of my favorite Tango scenes from some great movies:   

From “Take the Lead” with Antonio Banderas, click here.  

From “Scent of a Woman," click here.

From “Frida, The Movie,” click here.   
(This one is between Frida and Tina!)

From “Dirty Dancing," click here.  
(Love this Patrick!)

And if you want to try a few steps with your partner, click here for a quick lesson from Tango expert Jesus Reyes Ortiz.

Now that you've learned my passion for the Tango.  Check out what other Latinas are writing about on Valentine’s Day:

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(Click on the "pencil" on the right for her blog.)

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Feliz Dia de los Enamorados!

May your Tango last forever!

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