Monday, April 29, 2013


by Your Heroine

Let’s face it. In any good romance, the final result is always the same – marriage. You can pretty up the wording and say, “Happily Ever After,” but it’s still the “m” word.

All I ask, as the Heroine of your novel, is to make the grand finale good for the both us – the hero and I. Make the marriage a reward for me too, and I am not just talking about the diamond ring, the “dress”, the new name (his), and the new home (usually his).

Remember that as your Heroine I am the backbone of your story. I am the one your reader – who 99% of the time is a woman – identifies with. She wants to be me so don’t lose me at the final “I do.”

I know that most romances finish with the nuptials since there is no more conflict, no more mystery. But don’t make me seem less after “the end.” Allow me to keep my identity, my self-esteem.

Marriage does not have to mean that I stop being me. I was strong enough to take on the hero, flaws and all, and I am still that person. I am more than the hero’s wife and his children’s mother. I still have a job, dreams and goals that did not disappear when I got carried across the threshold. Yes, I am his wife, but I am also his partner, his lover, his better half. Don’t forget that “better” part.

Show me some respect. Don’t weaken me after marriage, or the sequel will be all about our divorce. A strong hero deserves a strong heroine before and after the marriage. The HEA is the road to a lifelong partnership of equals. I should not become less and him more; nor vice versa. The hero and I are a couple, we are one, we are complements of each other. Our HEA is based of love, loyalty and mutual respect, and together we’ll prepare and embrace the future.

So all I ask is that you, as the writer, make marriage a reward for me too.♥

BIO: The Heroine is a strong woman with a good job, a semi-clean house, two dogs, and a hero-husband, who still brings her flowers just because. She may seem quiet and demure, but she has a sharp tongue and a sharper pen that she is not afraid to use; just ask the hero. Respect her and you’ll be BFFs forever. Invite her out for a drink and she might share with you her secret to a happy and fulfilling marriage.


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