Friday, May 3, 2013


I♥NY.  As I mentioned before, I love discovering new things around and about my New York. I will share my findings and photos with you every Friday so stay tune!

Today, I have pictures of The Gibson-Baldwin Showroom, formerly known as The Hit Factory on 54th Street.

The Hit Factory is no more, and the Gibson-Baldwin Showroom is just that a showroom -- empty space for people or corporations looking to throw a party in a different kind of venue, and the Gibson-Baldwin Showroom is very different. It’s also a forgotten part of New York’s music legacy.

The Hit Factory was where Michael Jackson produced his album “Bad,” and where Steve Wonder recorded his mega hit album, “Songs in the Key of Life.” Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen and others also recorded there.

The original Live Room (where the band played) is still there with its double-pane sound-proof glass; the control room on the other side of the glass sits empty, its motherboard gone; and two isolation booths are on the sidelines. One was usually used for the singer, the other for a piano or drums. There’s a club in the basement where Michael perfected his moves, and a room filled with guitars, lots of guitars. There are the traditional acoustic guitars, the Les Pauls, bass guitars, electric guitars and even one with a double neck like the one Jimmy Page played with while on tour with Led Zeppelin.

I can’t play for beans, but my father and uncle did. They used to play acoustic guitars. Their signature song for me was “Las Mañanitas.” I love that song and still play it for each of my birthdays and on special occasions.

Happy Friday. May your life always be filled with good music! ---mcf


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