Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LATINAS WRITE ROMANCE....with author Vanessa Peters

I am proud to introduce you to author and painter Vanessa Peters.  She is our Guest Blogger today and part of the Latinas Write Romance Blog Tour this month.  Welcome, Vanessa!

by Vanessa Peters

There is an undercurrent to all romance stories that pulls the reader in.  Sure the sexy and steamy parts are a big draw, but what keeps our dear Constant Reader coming back again and again is the love story at the core of it all.   We all have our predilections towards a certain type of romance -- tragic love, unrequited love, first love….

But, what is it that attracts a reader to a particular type of love story?  Why is one tale of romance more alluring than another? 

As a teenager, I was drawn to any and all types of tragic romances, the darker the better.   But with age and experience, taste and tendencies change, now in my thirties I find I prefer a love story centered on…sigh…fated romance. 

There is a seed that is planted in the mind of our dear Constant Reader from every tale we weave of fated love.  It is a seed born of lost loves, old crushes and lovers of days past, which blooms at the end of each story.  Fantasies of what-ifs and a force greater than ourselves that could lead the love they lost at 18 to suddenly reappear.  Fate would weave a web of events and chance encounters that would bring that one great love back to them.

And then maybe they end up being a werewolf too…but that’s a story for another day.♥

Born and raised in New York, Vanessa Peters lives and works out of her apartment in Brooklyn.  A lover of art and self-professed romance junkie, she spends her free time, when not writing, reading and visiting galleries throughout the city. She is a true believer in love at first sight, and that the best stories come when opposites attract and sparks fly.  Vanessa is currently working on her first full length novel under the name Vita Perez.  Visit her at  www.vanessa-peters.comTwitter  @VPetersBKNY  Instagram  @vpetersbkny. And, visit Vita at  Twitter @VitaPerezWrites.

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