Monday, February 9, 2015


by Maria C. Ferrer

To blog or not to blog?

I say, YES! 

As I mentioned last month, editors and agents are looking and buying authors who are on the social networks.  Authors need to be seen and heard.  A blog is a perfect vehicle for both.  A blog is like a public journal that is always active and available.  A website is too, but I consider websites more of a PR kits, where readers can visit and check out your photo, bio; read some excerpts; browse your bibliography and oh-and-ah over the book covers.  Websites are “book marks” for your public face.

A blog, on the other hand, is a living, breathing journal.  A blog is where you write about yet another NYC snowstorm and how your slip in the middle of the Food Market inspired a short romance between a TV celebrity chef and “the milkmaid” selling her family’s dairy products.

(NOTE:  For those who don’t know much about blogging, think of a blog post as an article for the newsletter.  Only you are writing for your own personal newsletter aka blog.)

On your blog you can be as brief or as verbose as you want to be.  Or you can write nothing at all and just post pictures of frozen fountains, hanging icicles and red-cheeked boy-toys.  You can blog about anything and everything. And then you can link those blog posts to your website, Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.

Now the big question is – What do I blog about?!

Here’s a short list of blogging topics:

1)      Write about writing – the process, conferences, fantasy worlds you enjoy.
2)      Interview interesting people you meet – other writers, the dog walker or President Clinton (I met him last year. Got the photo to prove it!)
3)      Write about things you love – dogs, knitting, water towers, Indian captives, etc.
4)      Share quotes that inspire you or enrage you.
5)      Share a playlist or your TBR pile list.

The secret to a successful blog is to make it a fun and a provocative place for readers to visit.

For example, I have always loved Kwana’s blog ( because she always includes a note about Jack, her dog.  I enjoy reading Nalini Singh’s blog and newsletter ( because she always adds a new excerpt or a free short story.  I am having fun reading Sylvia Baumgarten’s new blog ( because of its title, Life Lessons From An Old Bitch.  And, let’s not forget Elizabeth Mahon’s Scandalous Women blog (, which became a book!  I love reading about daring, fearless women who are not afraid to live life to the fullest.  (I want to be just like them!)

Visit some of these blogs.  Check out other blogs by your favorite authors /editors /agents /celebrities. And, of course, visit the RWA/NYC Chapter Blog, with hundreds of posts from numerous romance writers; plus, sexy book covers every Friday! Visit the blogs.  Study them. Ask yourself, what you like about them? What can you "borrpw" from them? And, also see what does NOT appeal to you and make sure you don’t do that.

Big question #2 –  Do I have to blog every day, every week?  

I say, NO!  

Study your personal and writing schedules.  Take a day, and write two, three or more articles on different topics, and then schedule them throughout the month.  And since you will have linked your blog to your social media pages, you are all set. Viola!

Are you ready to start blogging?!  Blogger ( and WordPress ( are two free sites.  I use Blogger.  I find it simple to post and schedule my articles. Try it.

Start blogging today!  Remember, you want to be seen and heard.♥

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